Lessons I learned from Google’s courses with real-world examples.

what are branding strategies
what are branding strategies

Starting a business is easy. US government receives over 3 million new business registrations each year from the last 2 years. By the significant increase in the number of startups, competition is touching skies. Only 1 out of 9 startups succeed.

A simple solution to overcome intense competition is branding. By connecting your audience and building a community, you can stand out in competitive markets. These stats speak the truth.

4 myths + real-world business examples that debunk those myths + what you should do instead of following them.

myths in business
myths in business

Embracing the right mindset while running a business can take your business to wonderful places.

I can remember my dad’s friend talking about how his startup failed in less than a year. His biggest excuses were, “the government has made it painful to run a business,” and “the Chinese will never give us a bit of market share in the consumer market.”

He was partially correct. Running a business is challenging. Only 1 out of 10 businesses survive in the long term, and survival sometimes doesn’t mean success. …

Quotes from the iron man for aspiring entrepreneurs with real-world examples and applicable methods.

I can remember listening to my dad’s friend talking about his startup that blew up in less than a year. These were some of his best excuses: “The market changes every hour”, “The Chinese will leave no production opportunities for us” and the all-time famous, “The Government will never support small businesses.”

It seems like he was so negative, but before establishing a hypothesis just look at these stats:

  1. 1 out of 10 startups succeed. Let’s not be negative by saying 9 startups fail.
  2. 70% of…

These habits slowly destruct the growth mindset.

Ego can destroy your path to success before you start building it.

I love to live on the principles of modesty. I know that ego destroys advancement.

The disturbing fact is that most people live inside their own walls of imagination. These walls never let the message of a new perspective enter their life.

So, the bad news is: You can be an ego-maniac while you don’t even know it.

The good news is: If you study your habits, you can easily find out if ego builds up your muscles.

Here is a list of habits that tell if ego…

Let’s change our perspectives a little.

stop thinking about money
stop thinking about money

A clear mindset leads to a successful mindset.

A friend messaged me a week ago that his freelancer account on Peopleperhour.com is closed because of no clients. Yesterday, he messaged me that DesignCrowd.com has also banned his designer account because of violating a rule he didn’t know existed.

All my lazy brain could say to him was: Keep going, life shows you different colours, you’ll see the results soon. This story is for him and thousands of strugglers like him who are standing on the edge and will soon jump towards their missions.

Money is good. It’s great. Poverty buys…

Lessons from the guy who failed to find a job, so he started companies that would earn millions of dollars.

Neil Patel
Neil Patel

Neil Patel’s story in entrepreneurship has priceless gems for aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you’ve ever searched anything related to digital marketing on Google, there’s a significant chance you must’ve landed on Neil Patel’s blog. Right? His blog ranks for almost everything under the sun related to digital marketing.

Neil is the co-founder of NP Digital — the ad agency that helps large businesses like Google, eBay, and General Motors grow. Forbes named him as one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies.

Wild dreams of a 16-year-old

Neil started his career at 16. The age…

How a simple idea turned into the sixth biggest entertainment company of our time.

“There is gold in the streets just waiting for someone to come and scoop it up” — Walter White from Breaking Bad

Reed Hastings started a company named Pure Software with 2 of his friends in 1991. They delt in debugging tools for software engineers. As the market need was rising every day and there were few competitors, the revenue doubled every year for 4 years. In 1997, Hastings and his friends sold this company to Rational Software for $750 million. In half a decade, Hastings was a millionaire.

Reed Hastings’ story about the founding of Netflix has ups and…

The story of Ben Silbermann and Pinterest.

Prior to the creation of Pinterest. Ben Silbermann worked as a customer support agent at Google. He learnt the skills needed. Got the technical information and headed for his own startup. The story of this startup is as colourful as Pinterest.

The Pre-Pinterest stage

When Ben was an undergrad, he had developed a program that let you try glasses online. He helped his friend design a startup on bands. He also created a quiz website that let anybody play a quiz anytime they wanted.

He wanted to create a big product but procrastination killed his thoughts. His procrastinator mind persuaded him by phrases…

Problems are temporary, the result is permanent

Do you think your problems are destroying you? Steve Jobs has something else to say.

I’ve heard many people obsessing over hardships. Phrases like: “I’m screwed”, “I should’ve done _______ by now”, “No one understands me” are common.

But Steve Jobs thinks differently

Listening to Steve Jobs about life is indeed absorbing.

His mind is considered one of the most creative minds of this century. The tendency he had to solve technical issues was fascinating. Because of him, we now have these beautiful typesets and fonts on our computers. …

Your brain is a factory of ideas. Import raw materials wisely.

college project, startup
college project, startup

Looking for opportunities with a little creativity can take you to wonderful levels of success.

Penn state’s college required their students to build an online presence as a part of their college progress. 3 students discovered that building a website sucks more than anything in the universe.

What do they do? Sit down, drink and outsource their website. Nah.

They build a platform where anybody can create a website in minutes and rock online easily. We call the platform Weebly.

Let’s see how this college project reaches $775 million

David Rusenko, Chris Fanini and Dan Veltri build software that would empower entrepreneurs to reach thousands on the internet without…

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